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Products catalog for MCCB

S5H400 F/III ANT. UL/CSA PR212 R300 LSI / 1SDA044788R1

Product ID: 1SDA044788R1
Product Main Type: SACE Isomax
S5H 400 PR212-LSI In=300A 3P F F UL/CSA

S5L400 F/II ANT. UL/CSA PR211 R300 I / 1SDA043851R1

Product ID: 1SDA043851R1
Product Main Type: SACE Isomax
S5L 400 PR211-I In= 300A 2P F F UL/CSA

BEA185H/S4 / 1SFN084707R1000

Product ID: 1SFN084707R1000
Product Main Type: BEA185H/S4
BEA185H/S4 Interconnection Bar

Low Voltage Systems MNS platform

... satisfy all customers' requests. Some of the features proposed by MNS are: ACB and MCCB breakers with fix or withdrawable ...

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Updated: 2010-12-16

ABB Medium Voltage Drives for Marine - Medium Voltage AC ...

Drives > Medium Voltage AC Drives > Medium Voltage Drives for Marine

... 3-4 Pole Low Voltage MCCB XT2 Fixed Version External Terminals FcCuAl (English, German, Spanish, French, Italian - dxf - Drawing); ...

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Updated: 2013-04-15

MNS R Customer value

General Information Tree > Low Voltage Products and Systems > Switchgear Systems > MNS Motor Management

... MNS R Customer Value Low meantime to repair and low maintenance cost ▪ Withdrawable MCCB and ACB are available for all ...

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Updated: 2013-08-13

ABB Block Contactors - Contactors (Control Products)

Low Voltage Products and Systems > Control Products > Contactors > Block Contactors

... Dimension Drawing, Contactor and MCCB, BEA 185/S3/S4 (English - dxf - Drawing); Dimension Drawing, Contactor and ...

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Updated: 2013-10-15

Style Guide

General Information Tree > Distribution Automation > Marketing and Sales

Page 1. Distribution Automation Handbook Section 3 Elements of power distribution systems Page 2. Distribution Automation Handbook (prototype) ...

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Updated: 2013-09-11

Products and solutions for the complete water cycle

Industries and utilities > Water Industry

... MV drives factory has MV drives and Traction drive systems - The Breaker factory has low voltage ACB (Air Circuit Breaker), MCCB (Moulded Case ...

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Updated: 2012-01-16

201390-4s. Meterboxbrosjyre

General Information Tree > Low Voltage Products and Systems > Switches and Fusegear > Fusegear > Fuse switches (fuses in parallel)

... ABB MCCB, as overload protection • ABB Energy Meter ( 1-phase or 3-phase) • DIN rail mounting device • Terminal board Page 3. ...

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Updated: 2005-08-10

ABB eSolutions - project information online - Motors, Drives ...

Motors, Drives and Power Electronics > eSolutions - project information online

Home|Offerings|Media|Careers|Investors|About|Conversations. Product Guide; Motors, Drives and Power Electronics; eSolutions ...

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Updated: 2005-05-10

News and know-how for informed professionals

... Responsibility of the manufacturer ABB products are tested in the following configuration: ELR or RD3 +toroid+shunt- trip+MCCB/MCB. ...

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Updated: 2014-03-29

Three-phase asynchronous motors

General Information Tree > Low Voltage Products and Systems > Circuit Breakers > Moulded Case Circuit Breakers > Isomax

... V - 50 kA -Type 2 - Normal starting Motor MCCB Contactor Thermal release Group Rated power Pe Rated current Ie Type ...

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Updated: 2008-07-28